Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Chocolate Cupcakes

…with dark chocolate frosting!  …For when you’re out of egg, butter, and milk. :-b

Recipe for cupcakes:

They get a light crust on the outside and are soft in the center.  I cut the sugars down in half as a matter of preference.  The recipe is for cake, but halving the recipe yields a dozen cupcakes…350F for 15 minutes (my oven his hyperactive though).  Definitely spray the muffin tin with oil or use cupcake liners to avoid potential sticking.

Recipe for frosting:

IMG_6945 IMG_6950 IMG_6952

Flourless Brownies with Brown Butter Frosting



Instead of flour, these are made with cooked quinoa.
Frosting is just 1/4 cup butter melted and browned, cooled for a few minutes in a separate bowl, then added 1 cup of powdered sugar… mixed well.  It will smooth out the longer you mix it!  The “sprinkles” are from a failed caramel glaze I originally made for these. 🙂